Could Wastewater Treatment Invigorate Fuel Production?

Wastewater treatment, of course, has many advantages, and in fact, we should be implementing it in every possible circumstance to try and ensure the continued existence of enough fresh water to go around. With many businesses now outputting more than ever, there’s never been a better time to ensure your wastewater treatment processes are in place, functional and the best they could be. It will save you money further reinforce the sustainability of your company. A recent study though has shown that it could soon also help boost a hugely significant component of our economy: fuel.

The folks at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign conducted a study recently and have found in their results that the fresh water used in quantities of millions of gallons at ethanol plants could potentially be replaced by treated wastewater. This remarkable discovery has led to some interesting speculation over the impact this could have on the cost of ethanol in the future!

Currently, an ethanol plant producing 50 million gallons a year would require a staggering 150 to 250 million gallons of water. This is naturally a significant and weighty drain on a precious resource and in reality, it is an unsustainable system. The report itself details the ins and outs of ‘using non-food cellulosic feedstock for fuel production’, citing some of its many advantages as lowering greenhouse gas emissions and alleviating some of the cost pressure on food markets among others.

Whilst the idea is still in its early stages and undoubtedly more research will be carried out to find out just how feasible such a movement would be, should we come up with a solution, it could be one of the most significant discoveries and changes to the economy in many years, relieving such a high-pressure consumption of water and replacing it with yet another reason why wastewater treatment is imperative.

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