IWEX Water Live to Bring Wastewater Treatment Tech to the Centre Stage

Water management is an increasingly imperative topic in businesses throughout the UK, and if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know all about the happenings of the wastewater industry, the developments and the new technologies that are coming; most importantly of all though perhaps, you’ll understand the importance we must all place on a present and comprehensive wastewater program throughout our businesses, and how knowing we have this under control can lead to cost reductions and environmental competency. IWEX Water Live is going to bring all this to its attendees in person, as the industry tackles issues live on stage, whilst sustainable water solutions for all will be the end goal of the exhibition!

The latest innovations in the water industry will be on show for visitors to see and get to grips with, whilst the main events will include a host of invaluable and exclusive seminars and conferences from industry speakers. These will form detailed discussions on what we can do to ensure sustainability and environmental aptitude for our water and wastewater programmes today and in the future. It’s not often the opportunity arises for such an industry to get together en masse and chew over the most hotly debated topics, perhaps coming to some conclusions on the biggest issues.

Of course the event hugely invigorates awareness of water issues, and ensures that the matter is put into the limelight, at the forefront of our attention. As part of Sustainability Live, IWEX will keep wastewater treatment firmly on the list of priorities for businesses everywhere!

Whether you’re attending the Birmingham NEC show, April 16th-18th, perhaps to see new technologies, to drink in the seminars or to do some old fashioned networking, or if you perhaps can’t make it this year; remember that the wastewater treatment in your business is of paramount importance, and should be addressed immediately! Here at Environmental Screening and Separation, we’re proud to be able to bring you complete, effective water treatment and advise you on the best practises for sustainability! Give us a call today to find out how we can help!