Liverpool’s £200m Wastewater Treatment Facility Docking In On Time

Liverpool is a hive of activity, a bustling avenue of industry, and despite its evidently starved footballers, it’s one of the nation’s busiest hub-centres; from its airport, to the intercity motorways that run through its heart, to its prestigious, thriving River Mersey. It may not surprise you to learn then, that upon the river, in one of its many docks, a huge £200m wastewater treatment facility is currently progressing on target and will soon be ready to increase the ecological aptitude of the entire area!

The plant itself, upon completion, will whirr into life and begin serving the 60,000 strong population, treating an incomparable 11,000 litres of water per second. It’s hard even to imagine that amount of water, though to put it in perspective, it will be the equivalent of filling 8 Olympic swimming pools every 30 minutes! Of course, this is going to deliver a massive boost to Liverpool’s ecological output, and construction cannot finish quickly enough.

Project Manager Lorne Large commented “It’s a state-of-the-art works and something Liverpool can be proud of. The River Mersey is in safe hands.” Reportedly, the construction process takes heritage as a predominant factor, with Large stating that if the site ever needed to revert back to being a dock, the transformation would still be entirely possible.

Indeed, the original docks were reclaimed en masse when the work began, and in their place will soon stand 16 huge wastewater treatment tanks and facilities. Since the ’80s, a time in which the Mersey was detailed as being the dirtiest river in Europe, a marked effort has been made to turn all this around, and this latest project exemplifies the extent the region is prepared to go to to ensure wastewater is treated right and the river becomes cleaner.

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