Pulp and Paper Industry Latest to Undertake Significant Wastewater Treatment Drive

Pulp and paper, a significant UK industry that comprises of companies that produce paper and board-based products utilize a high water footprint, something that has led to a new drive for water efficiency across the entire industry. With a significant output of water, rising prices and an increasing pressure for companies to be environmentally conscious and proactive as possible, the industry is now on the lookout for new, improved methods of driving down this expense. As such, many pulp and paper manufacturers are exploring the latest technologies that will allow them to effectively implement water recycling, biogas generation, sludge management and wastewater treatment on a large scale on their sites.

Even those that already have treatment measures in place it seems are now in the market for the next level of technologies, the kind of equipment or program that will not only make the processes more financially viable, but that will also ensure they are as ecological and green as possible. The reduction in the loss of raw materials, and zero-emission processes are two big factors also being looked into by companies across the industry.

Fortunately wastewater treatment technology is constantly refining itself and bringing out new and improved ways to tackle similar such situations as those faced presently by the pulp and paper industry. With membranes for more intensive treatment levels and closed-loop systems that enable the recycling and reuse of wastewater all extra factors and technologies being considered, it looks like pulp and paper are primed to become as efficient as possible over the next few years.

Frost & Sullivan Energy and Environmental Research Analyst Paulina Szyplinska said “Continuous technological advancements and infrastructure improvements are vital to boost recycling rates”, which is of course, something we all want to achieve across every industry.

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