Scotland Embraces Biggest Wastewater Upgrade in a Century!

Wastewater is an issue on all our minds at the moment, and with many stories coming over from The States involving those breaching regulations being met with hefty fines, and a constantly environmental push from Governmental bodies and organizations here in the UK, it’s no wonder that things are finally starting to change in a really big way. Whilst we here at Environmental Screening and Separation deliver comprehensive cleaning and separation solutions for companies up and down the country, Scottish Water have even bigger fish to fry as they take on the biggest wastewater development Glasgow has seen in a hundred years!

Of course, individual businesses absolutely must have their wastewater management systems in place, however how do you go about updating the infrastructure of an entire city? The answer is you inject a £250 million works program into the proceedings and set out plans for an overall waste improvement campaign that, upon completion, will change everything.

This particular system is designed to help the environmental conditions of the River Clyde improve significantly, whilst simultaneously controlling sewer flooding, something that has become a rising issue with recent heavier rainfall and the ever-present effects of climate change.

With safety valves installed on the River Clyde and its tributaries, wastewater will be kept under control during harsh weather conditions, whilst certain other improvements throughout the area will ensure excess surface water is removed from ‘pinch points’ quickly and safely.

Geoff Aitkenhead, asset management director at Scottish Water commented saying the investment will invigorate the wastewater competency of metropolitan Glasgow, priming it “fit for the 21st century, [it will] help protect the natural environment and meet the needs of growth and development.”

Here at ESS, we’re proud to be able to do our bit for businesses everywhere; ensuring that whilst Glasgow’s wastewater treatment will soon be at the cutting edge of modern eco-prosperity, the wastewater processes in your company can be just as good! Give us a call today to find out how we can help.