Wastewater Treatment Novel Thrills, Frightens, Raises Awareness

When it comes to deciding where you might set your latest novel, a tome poised to rocket into the limelight, securing you regular appearances on programmes like Lorraine, the universe is your oyster. Present, past, future, Earth, space, the enigmatic pyramids of Egypt, the terrifying, snow covered plummets of Everest, the limits are defined only by creativity of the writer. It might seem a little peculiar then, that writer Dodge Winston chose to set his next literary masterpiece in a wastewater treatment plant.

Yes the cunningly titled The Wastewater Plant is Winston’s self-published horror thriller, set in the lonely, sprawling and inherently creepy situ of a wastewater facility. Between the gripping narrative, the heart-pumping pace and the looming unknowing of being unable to guess what might be around the next corner, the novel is full of exciting moments, and interestingly enough, it seems Winston has a genuine interest in wastewater treatment.

Taken from his experiences working at a treatment plant himself, he mused in an interview reported on over at Grist.org; “It’s real quiet out there with the water dripping and chains swinging around and dark places that are underground and no one can hear you…. And if you have a creative imagination and like to write, it doesn’t help,”.

Whilst a thrill-filled literary excursion set in the mundane confines of the day job might seem ordinary, Winston is genuinely trying to raise awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment, explaining how vital these plants and processes are to our survival, fending off cholera and typhoid and all sorts of similar such diseases. Directly addressing his co-workers in the acknowledgements section of the book, he writes:

“This book is my way of getting your hard work out to the world. You all deserve the kind of recognition firefighters, police officers, and health care staff get. You help keep civilization safe from the things no one can see or really ever want to see.”

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